Sella Ronda

The large Sella Range, also called Sella Ronda, is one of South Tyrol highlights. The route runs completely around the Sella massif, the huge massifs at the end of the Gardena Valle, which are among the Dolomites' most well-known mountains along with the Catinaccio and the Three Peaks.
The majestic massifs connect four of the most famous Dolomite passes: included among them are the Sella Pass, Pordoi Pass, Campolongo Pass and Gardena Pass. For winter sports fans this is a dream destination in winter and, in the summer, Sella Ronda is one of the most popular destinations for mountain bikers, particularly once a year when the streets are closed off to all traffic with the exception of bicycles for the big Sella Ronda Bike Day.
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